Accounting Industry

  1. Freeing up resources for innovation
  2. The law of comparative advantage says everyone should focus on what they do best. You’re best at finance and accounting services. Your internal IT staff is best at finding the tools that help you do just that. So why is it that in most firms, only 30% of in house IT budget goes to new technologies?

    For ideas on how to free up resources for technological innovation, Contact us.

  3. How to stay up date with minimal disruption
  4. Both regulation and good business sense demand that you keep your software up to date, especially with regards to security. However, the time spent performing upgrades can get in the way of business.

    One solution is hire an MSP to set up a cloud based system, which side steps upgrade downtimes. For more ideas on how to stay ahead of the pack while staying focused on your work, Contact us.

  5. Can you respond to disaster 24/7?
  6. From cyber attacks to natural disasters, a lot of things can take your computers offline, and none of them are polite enough to operate on a 9 to 5 weekday schedule. Your system needs to be monitored 24/7, but you're good enough with numbers to know that hiring 24/7 in-house staff is not cost effective.

    One solution is to employ an MSP to fill the shifts and expertise gaps left by your IT staff. For thoughts on how to use outside expertise while staying in control, Contact us.

  7. Have you ascended to the cloud yet?
  8. If your company is not on a cloud system, then you're behind. You will have a hard time competing with the lower overhead costs, increased flexibility, and improved data preservation abilities of your peers.

    Even if you are, you shouldn’t pat yourself on the back just yet. If you're not managing the cloud properly, you’re more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    For ideas on how to maximize your benefits while minimizing your risks, Contact us.

  9. Are you working for your clients or cyber criminals?
  10. You are paid to keep track of your client’s wealth. Your clients know that this information is valuable and so do cyber criminals. In 2014, about 50% of small business owners were the victim of a cyber attacks. You can’t afford to be one of them.

    Perhaps your in house IT knows a thing or two about security. They also have other responsibilities to focus on, and can’t monitor the network 24/7. For ideas on how to keep your company safe, Contact us.