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"For this old IT guy, I have seen it all, and had given up on the real deal, but man we found it with you! We are very excited that we have you helping us and not making us feel dumb when you show us stuff. I was hoping someone would be out there that could help us be what we need to be."

IT Manager with Regional Accounting Firm

"He was very professional (even thru my frustrations...Bless him) and went above and beyond to make things right."

Kelly Klinner – City Wholesale Warehouse / Slush Puppie

"I appreciated how fast and efficient Slappey was in addressing our problem and fixing it in an unexpectedly fast time."

John D. Gray – Gray & Associates, LLC

"I wish all service people that came to our company were as delightful to work with and easy to work with as your company."

Allison Hall – ExpoDisplay

"When I see yall come through the door, I know our phone problems will be solved. He comes in asks a few questions, gets the job done and takes the time to explain what he had done to resolve the issue."

Office Manager – Local Recycling Company

"I am very pleased with Slappey that they were able to complete the work order so soon after it was called in."

Officer Manager – Medical Office

"I appreciate all that you have done recently and the relationship I’ve built with Slappey in the 11-12 years that I’ve been in scheduling. Slappey has given us good service – we’ve always been ahead of the game compared to any/all STV facilities. It has been a pleasure."

Officer Manager – Medical Office

"I would recommend Slappey to anyone who wants to replace or update their old phone systems. The whole team at Slappey is available and very responsive to any questions."

Doctor – Medical Specialist

"Yall are awesome and incredible. He was here so fast I couldn’t believe it and it’s already fixed. Thank you!"

Kathy Smith – Nall Development

"He took the time to explain everything, give instructions and in general exceeded all our needs."

Katie Watson – Avast Realty

"We greatly appreciate all the time spent meeting, reviewing, and finding solutions to the issues we had. You really were a driving force behind keeping everything moving forward as we worked through significant issues we had been having."

Loke Thomas – Coleman-Russell & Associates

"I like what y'all do, and I really like working with you."

Matt Slay – Jordan Machine Co

"We think Wesley Slappey’s ability to probe with his thoughtful questions, and then tell us what he was going to do, then actually do it, then return to us and tell us exactly what he did - is a great way to validate each step we take towards resolution. Everyone at Birmingham Broker appreciates the levels you have gone - to build another satisfied customer- and we want to let you all know."

Office Manager – Car Dealership

"What does means a lot to me. I don’t have to do it all morning and get my blood pressure through the ceiling! Thank you"

Don Roberts – Central Alabama Flooring