Founders Story

While on a missions trip in Mexico our founder, Bill Slappey, was searching for his purpose in life. He felt as if God was giving him this one word: Communications. At the time he thought that meant TV and Radio and began pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. He had previously gained experience with Telephone Systems and so while still in school he continued to service his customers and new customers he was being referred to. While in his final year of school he came to a critical crossroads where he could no longer continue to perform well and school and run the business simultaneously. It was at this time that the word given to him before about Communications came back to mind and he realized this is what God was calling him to do. He dropped out of school and started Slappey in 1983. When the first logo was made in the 80’s this was decades before the term Cloud was used to describe the internet. Bill wanted to signify his purpose to bring man (represented by the phone) closer to God (represented by the cloud) so he put the phone in the cloud. This so happened to also be a foretelling for the future of the company which now focus on cloud based phone service.