Manufacturing Industry

  1. Will criminals pilfer your trade secrets and I.P?
  2. Cyber criminals know the value of the data you safeguard. Manufacturing companies receive the largest volume of cyber attacks, after energy companies. Last year, 67% of companies in these industries had at least one breach that resulted in a loss of data and/or the disruption of operations. You can’t afford to be one of them.

    Your in house IT has other responsibilities, and can’t monitor the network 24/7. For ideas on how to leverage outside expertise to keep your company safe, Contact us.

  3. The manufacturing sector is ripe for disruption. Are you ready?
  4. The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed. Advances such as cloud computing, improved predictive data-sorting software, or the Internet of Things are enabling companies to produce precisely customized products cheaply and efficiently. Firms that harness these technologies will have a significant advantage over those that don’t.

    For ideas on how free up resources for tech innovation, and how to recognize disruptive technologies, Contact us.

  5. Treat your network like you treat your workers
  6. You know that it is better to put in safety procedures to prevent workplace accidents than to try to fix things afterward. The same principal applies to security networks.

    If the system was downed by hackers, could you remain competitive? What would happen if your servers went out NOW?

    For ideas on how deploy preventive care for your network, Contact us.

  7. Have you ascended to the cloud yet?
  8. If your company is not in the cloud, then you’re behind 93% of your peers. You will have a hard time competing against their lower overhead costs, increased flexibility, and improved data preservation abilities.

    Even if you are, you shouldn’t pat yourself on the back just yet. If you’re not managing the cloud properly, you’re vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    For ideas on how to maximize your benefits while minimizing your risks, Contact us.

  9. Leverage the law of comparative advantage
  10. The law of comparative advantage says everyone should focus on what they’re best at. You’re best at making things. Your in-house IT is best at marshalling data and maintaining communication channels so that you can do this even more effectively. Instead, 55% of the IT budgets are directed towards "routine maintenance," not technologies that could boost growth.

    For ideas on how to use IT resources efficiently, Contact us.

  11. Are you ready for the Internet of Things?
  12. You're about to witness the next wave of manufacturing innovation. Already, 35% of US manufacturing companies are using smart sensors to boost efficiency and 34% consider embracing the Internet of Things "critical" to their operations.

    Companies that successfully adopt this technology will have:

    • more data
    • more timely data
    • better filtered data

    However, for companies that employ this technology, cyber security will be more important than ever.

    For idea's on how to maximize the benefits of this innovation, Contact us.