From humble beginnings in 1983 as a small telephone system and service provider serving the Birmingham, Alabama market, featuring low cost business telephone equipment, Slappey Communications has grown to become a “total communications solution and service provider.” Bill Slappey established Slappey Communications from his personal convictions to honor and glorify Jesus Christ. He accepted a personal directive “Take the Gospel to the business community” by establishing a company whose operation would be founded on Christian principles. For so many of our customers, knowing that a dedicated Christian business computer company is servicing their information technology and phone systems provides them with a level of trust and confidence that they are being treated in the best possible manner, and provided the best possible service.

Slappey Communications positioned itself to compete in a diverse and competitive marketplace as the industry began to experience true deregulation. The company’s ability to provide a full range of products and services, as well as value-added services unmatched in the marketplace, differentiates Slappey from its competition. Likewise, the company’s success can be characterized by four basic strengths:

Spiritual Commitment: An uncompromising commitment to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all manner of business conduct separates Slappey from its competition.

Strategic Focus: Complex Communications Solutions Made SIMPLE!

Financial Strength: We are a debt-free business that has produced consistent profits since its first year of operation. Currently the total market capitalization is in excess of one million dollars.

Management Experience: The Company is represented by more than 60 years of managerial experience in telephony, telecommunications, data, computers and network security, and general management disciplines. Its leaders are committed to develop employees and to assist in their growth in all such as professional, social, spiritual and physical.


I will find ways to create value for customers that cost the company little. I will not diminish the value of what we do by describing things as easy. I will go above and beyond to communicate the value we provide for customers every day. I will respond to requests with “I would be glad to help you” or “it’s my pleasure.” I will ask at the end of each interaction, “Is there anything else I can do for you?

After attending a small conference in Vermont, Jimmy decides to grab breakfast at a local restaurant on his way out of town. He finds two quaint little restaurants across the street from each other on Main Street. Seeing the one on the left has a full parking lot he decides that must be the preferred place in town to eat. He is seated and has a very nice breakfast. The service and food were both great, but there seemed to be something more he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He notices the name tag on the guy filling his coffee cup is the same as the name on the door so he starts a conversation with him:

Jimmy: Are you the owner?
Owner: Sure, I guess you could call me that; I mainly just try to make happy customers.
Jimmy: Yes I can see that. I work in marketing for a firm in Chicago and I’ve noticed you seem to have something special here but can’t quite put my finger on it.
Owner: What do you mean?
Jimmy: Well I noticed when pulling up that you have 3-4 times the number of patrons as the restaurant across the street. What’s your secret?
Owner: Yeah well, you know, I just don’t like…
Jimmy: Look, I’m from out of town and won’t ever be back here. I won’t tell anyone!
Owner: (The owners leans in and whispers) It’s the third egg!
Jimmy: The third egg?
Owner: Yeah the third egg.
Jimmy: What’s the third egg? Owner: Well most other restaurants only include two eggs in their orders of eggs, but since an egg only costs me a nickel I throw the third egg in for free. That’s how I “egg”cede their “egg”spectations.
Jimmy: Yes! That’s what I couldn’t quite put my finger on! It’s the Third Egg!

This short story illustrates the simple truth that we must constantly find ways to increase our value to our customers in ways that do not cost the company a lot of money.

For Slappey, the #1 way we do this is through YOU! The thing that makes Slappey head and shoulders above our competition is our people and our attention to our customers. We are a customer focused company. YOU ARE THE THIRD EGG. We must find those small things we can do to take our value up a notch each time we interact with the customer.

So what do I say when someone asks me “What’s the third egg?” I Say:

When you go to a diner and order eggs you expect to get two, but at Slappey we give you three. While we don’t serve actual eggs, we do go above and beyond through the quality of our people. That’s why we say “I am the third egg.”