For Slappey, you are #1! It is all about YOU! The thing that makes Slappey head and shoulders above our competition is our attention to our customers. We are a customer focused company. YOU ARE THE THIRD EGG. We believe we must find those small things we can do to take our value up a notch each time we interact with the customer.

So what do I say when someone asks me “What’s the third egg?” I Say:

When you go to a diner and order eggs you expect to get two, but at Slappey we give you three. While we don’t serve actual eggs, we do go above and beyond through the quality of our people. That’s why we say “I am the third egg.”

Slappey Communications is dedicated to providing the Best Quality Service Possible to our Birmingham, Alabama and Lakeland, Florida customers. We constantly track our response times to ensure that our customers’ needs are addressed promptly. Our response time is unsurpassed in the industry. However, we go one step further and track our “clear time.” How quickly we bring resolution to our customers’ needs is equally as important. Whether it is servers for a small business, computer security for small business, firewalls, business network security or the best small business telephone system, Slappey Communications has the answer. And, if your business is not-so-small, we will create the best business communications solutions for your goals, and ensure that your own in-house IT department can manage the systems for maximum efficiency and service.

Our solutions are robust, and include many applications that can Increase Productivity, and Reduce Overall Costs of Operation. We also design your system with the ability to easily expand to grow with your company into the future.


Service will contribute heavily to the overall effectiveness of your system and we are confident Slappey’s expertise and Proven Maintenance Capabilities will fulfill your service expectations. We look forward to the successful installation of your new Slappey Communications System and adding your name to our “Completely Satisfied Customers” list.

Slappey Communications will:

  • Provide Selection And Management Of Equipment, Services, Maintenance, Contract Review And Software Licensing.
  • Review Your Facilities And Information Technology Infrastructure And Make Recommendations.
  • Help You Select And Manage Your Equipment
  • Provide Telecommunications System Maintenance
  • Provide 24 Hour Telecommunications Emergency Response
  • Review And Maintain Software Licenses Needed
  • Handle All Your Telecommunications Vendor Bills, And Guarantee A Fixed Price For All Of Them.
  • Provide An Online Help Desk For Non-Emergency Telecommunications Maintenance And Repair.

We will also handle your on-going telecommunications training needs. As you add staff, we will train your staff on your current telecommunications system. As you add features, we will train and provide documentation on those new telecom features.


TOO MUCH technology can be the same as NOT ENOUGH technology.

We make it our TOP Priority to learn about your business and where you see your business going. Then we are better able to customize communications technology needs to fit your current requirements as well as making sure that your technology can grow as your business grows!!

Make sure that your consultant provides you with the details involving your total cost of solution. In addition to this, you need to ensure the long-term quality of the product & solution you are being provided. This will help you strategically set goals for where you want your company’s technological advancements to take you. Many companies don’t realize that they CAN be in control of this aspect in the beginning, as well as in the future, saving your company unnecessary expenses along the way.

Choose a consultant who is knowledgeable in the both categories listed above! Having a consultant that is not only aware of the most up-to-date technology, but one that is also well-versed in good, wholesome business practices will increase your business’s productivity levels.


We will begin by examining your business needs: the functions that a small business telecom and data solution must fulfill, the available infrastructure in your location, and possibility of upgrades to infrastructure. Our team will also compare the infrastructure available in different locations if you are planning a location change.

The product of the initial engagement will be a needs assessment that will cover the functional communication and data needs of the business or organization, and then the various alternatives available. The needs assessment will include specific requirements that can be incorporated into an RFI or RFP to provide the ability to measure bidders on the new system effectively.

We will include the network and hardware requirements as well as the specific functional requirements for users. Some of the areas covered include telephone needs, local area network requirements, wireless/cellular/Smartphone studies, multi-site voice and data networking, compliance issues, data center and switch room requirements, audio and video teleconferencing requirements, local and long distance carrier evaluations, and voicemail systems for small business.

In addition, our staff can also provide consulting on IT systems disaster recovery, call center requirements, new construction evaluations and data preplanning in new construction situations, network security evaluations and regulatory compliance.


  • You will only have to call a local number, 970-4209 to have a service technician dispatched to your location(s). Technicians are on call 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, for any assistance you need regarding outages, programming and adds, moves and changes.
  • Your organization will have full access to our help desk for any assistance needed with your system and our qualified technicians will be dispatched to your location if the problem cannot be handled remotely.
  • Our service response is one of the best in the industry.
    • Within 1 hour on major outages-normal hours
    • Within 24 hours on minor outages or problems
    • Within 48 hours for minor programming changes
  • Our installations comply with regulated safety and building codes applicable to the project.
  • We stock parts in our warehouse in Birmingham, Alabama and Lakeland, Florida for immediate response to failures, and employ remote diagnostics when possible for faster response time.
  • Our records management is in-depth on all systems in service.
  • A major service request refers to any system failure causing a disruption of more than 50% of service to the customer. A minor service request refers to any system malfunction that renders less than 50% of telephones or C.O. lines without causing a system disruption of service. Response to 95% of minor service requests is made within twenty-four hours.
  • Slappey assumes all coordination responsibility with the local carrier. Further, all service problems should be reported to Slappey. Our certified technicians will determine the cause of the problem(s). If the trouble exists with the local carrier, we will notify the carrier, thus eliminating confusion and service delays.

Experienced staff – We put a technician onsite who is able to resolve any communication problem efficiently and effectively

Over $750,000 of Inventory – We have the parts needed to resolve the problem without having to have the parts shipped

Strong Manufacturing Support – If we don’t have the solution to fix the problem quickly we can get it with minimal delays

Service Call Prioritization – We will pull technicians off a regular service call to dispatch to an emergency