We have the experts on staff to make sure that the structured cabling in your building is done properly to support the rest of your network. We offer professional design and implementation of all types of Voice, Data and Security infrastructures. Our project management team is responsible for all aspects of the preinstallation, installation and closeout processes.

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Indoor Cabling

  • Voice and Data Cabling – CaT-5e, CaT-6, CaT-6a Cat-7, Cat-7a and CaT-8 - Low Voltage Cables. The installation, material, quality of cable and testing procedures are all very critical in data wiring because networks today are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds. To minimize expensive data network problems, we follow strict data installation and testing guidelines.

  • Coax Cabling – HDMI - A critical piece of the infrastructure puzzle for our customers. Coax and HDMI are primarily used in Video, Audio, and Security for video surveillance.

  • Fiber Optic Cabling – Fiber Optic cabling provides high bandwidth and is typically used for backbone connections between localized networking equipment and is becoming the preferred choice for high quality connections. We install, test and maintain multi-mode and single-mode fiber (Inside and Outside).

    • Fiber Optic Advantages
      • Increased Speed – 10Gb and Increasing
      • Increased Distances – as much as 10,000 to 15,000km
      • Lightweight and Compact – 250 microns (quarter of a mm) in diameter; a 12 core (12 fiber) cable may be less than 8 mm in diameter for indoor use
      • Safe and Secure
      • Future-Proof
  • Server Room Installation – Because the server room is the centralized brain of your structures cabling system, we take special care to design and install it according to the highest standards.

Outdoor Cabling

  • New Building Service
  • Exterior Conduit
  • Fiber
  • Copper
  • Connecting multiple buildings
  • CLEC
  • Dark Fiber

Guide to Hosted Phones

Use this guide to help you choose the right solutions for your business!


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