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Telephone Systems

Whether you have one office or hundreds, we can design a customized business telephone system solution to fit your business needs and help you be more efficient while providing you a higher quality customer experience.

Based on the business requirements, our technicians will recommend the types of systems, devices, features and connectivity required, engineer the solution, install and test all equipment, and then handle all billings for all carriers and suppliers through their managed services contract.

Services can include: Local and long distance carrier RFP’s, business relocations, wireless design and engineering, recording solutions, presence management through unified communications, hosting services for voice and data, voice/data integration, virtual networks, and cell phone management.

We understand the need for business telephone systems and will design, engineer, install, maintain and service your system across multiple vendors and platforms. We will design and install recording solutions, voicemail to email services, and provide wireless/4G backup.

Our staff will also train your network administrator and your users on the system, functions and features, and then provide help desk and 24-hour emergency call number.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Solutions

For companies who have a strong sales force or any remote employees, VoIP solutions may be an excellent way to make communication with those employees easy, economical, and smooth. VoIP cuts the cost on long distance and puts all the phones on the same system, allowing each external and internal user to have the same access to features and functionality, and to communicate with one another as if they were in the same office.

As a business owner, when you switch to an Internet-based phone system on your own network, it will be easier, and cheaper, for you to stay connected at work, and when you’re at home. Security will be better, and more flexible. And you can access all the information you need, when you need it.

A few VOIP features:

Money-saving: You can add additional phone lines easily using the same web-based network.

Reduce travel: Sometimes, you’ve just got to be there, but often, web conferencing, video conferencing can save the hassle and expense of travel to customer sites, prospects, and with other team members.

Improved communications: Stay better connected with employees by viewing their availability real-time, whether they’re working in the office, or from home.

Features galore: Call forwarding, voicemail, call conferencing, Caller ID, unlimited long distance, no hidden fees.

Computer Technology Integration

Because of the type of communication system we use, it can easily be interfaced with your network and local PCs. This includes a lot of standard application software to help you manage your voicemail messages and faxes from your desktop as well as leaving an endless possibility of third party applications that can be used to enhance the way you do business. Whether you’re looking for a small business VOIP solution or a call center management system, our team will find the perfect system for you.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices for business and small business mobile phone packages represent a larger and larger portion of an end user’s experience with business technology systems. We help you manage these to be more cost effective and for maximum utility.

Whether you need to have a few mobile phones for your executive team, or need a complex package of networked mobile devices, such as pagers, mobile phones, notebook computers and printers, we will help you create the best possible package for your business. And, as your business grows and technology advances, we will be there to help you revamp those systems to continue to serve you and your business in the most effective manner possible.

Web and Audio Conferencing

When it comes to meeting with people who are located elsewhere, even on the other side of the world, we have superior solutions to this problem. Utilizing our Audio Conferencing or Web Conferencing a company can bring their people together in a “single room” environment and make getting things done easier. This is accomplished both through basic audio conferencing technology and expands to include video, desktop sharing, application sharing, co-browsing, and file sharing. Our customers have used this technology to meet with manufacturers across the country, to develop sales leads into customers, for product demonstration, for collaborating on documents with customers, for training personnel, and for connecting with employees at home or out of town. For companies already managing a virtual team, or seeking to establish a virtual company, we have video conferencing solutions and audio conferencing solutions that can make that happen.

Presence Management

Companies that have multiple locations, or staff who need to be immediately available anywhere during their working hours, will benefit from presence management. Presence management operates over VoIP networks using software that turns all devices into communication devices and is a part of unified communications. The concept of unified communication management is a relatively recent part of the telecommunications spectrum.

Unified communications software creates a virtual communications platform that uses all devices available, including landline phones, computers, and wireless phones and tablets. There are a number of benefits to this type of solution:

  • Access: Users have remote access to the system from any device. All messages, including voice and email, reach your chosen device and format.

  • Communication: Enhanced communication from bringing all devices into one community.

  • Collaboration: All parties in any project, company, relationship, can collaborate using advanced data sharing and communications devices.

  • Presence: Users can view the availability of all other users and their communication preferences. This allows immediate connectivity with the person needed for any business situation.

Wherever there are landlines, wireless devices, audio-visual connections or computers of any type, there are possibilities for you and your staff to communicate. All of these devices can be configured to allow immediate connectivity with the person needed and that connectivity can remain invisible to the caller.

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